Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboy Player 2017

Terrance Williams: Cowboys Wide receiver


The Best Wide Reciever

Terrance Williams  is a 27-year-old wonder standing tall at 6’2″ and weighing 210 lbs. This miracle worker plays for the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver. He has so far played for five seasons in total. Williams  racked up a series of formidable stats that showcase his real talents and skills in NFL. It is no surprise that he has earned himself a 17$ Million contract extension.  The Cowboys has signed him up for another four years on March 10, 2017. Only a real talent can attract such pay.

Career Stats

Terrance Williams started playing football quite early, playing for Baylor Bears football team from 2008 to 2012, earning himself a considerable 202 receptions against 3,334 yards with 27 touchdowns. This was the start of his career and an early sign to him that he was destined for greatness in the world of NFL.

In 2013, Williams was drafted into the Dallas Cowboys where he initially struggled in the adjustment phase about the team’s offence plans and strategies. Williams fought his way through, and by the 8th week, he had already set rookie records by being the best and showcasing this against the Detroit Lions.

In 2014, Williams shocked once again by climbing out of the rookie ladder. He established himself with six touchdowns in just the first seven weeks. This was another indicator of his raw talent and skill, and another direct display of his growing skills and abilities. Williams gave the season a strong start. He then ended great with a total of 37 receptions for 621 yards and eight touchdowns.

2015 started out slow, with a undermined level of performance that saw no improvement until later on. Williams began on a sad note and failed to prove that he was the best receiver for the team. However, the season finale against the Redskins saw the better light for Williams. He made eight receptions but still ended up losing the game.

2016 had a different story. The first touchdown of the season was against the 49ers on the 4th week. Proceeding on to the season finale, Williams highlight was catching the touchdown that ended up being the last play of Tony Romo’s career. Williams then went ahead to finish his season with a total of 44 receptions. He  left an overall satisfactory mark on his stats as an NFL player.

Terrance Williams has proved to the world that his raw talent and skill serve as an incredible asset to the Dallas Cowboys.

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