The Dallas Cowboys won big in the nineties. This team was the one to cheer for, but this has not been true for quite some time. The Cowboys may have gone to the super bowl, but the last time that happened was over twenty years ago. Their time of ruling the world of football has been over for years, and yet those crazy Dallas Cowboys fans still consider themselves to be “America’s Team”.

A team that represents America is a team that wins. Am I right? The Cowboys voice their pride in their team. They are not afraid to let anyone know who they root for, especially when these Dallas Cowboys fans be like, “How bout them Cowboys!” to anyone around. But these fans are crazy! There are crazy Cowboys fans like the one who destroyed his house after the Cowboys lost. I mean who destroys a house because their team lost? Especially when that fan should have been used to losing at this point. It should have come as no surprise.

Those funny Dallas Cowboys may be proud fans, but while dedicated fans root for the Seattle Seahawks — who actually win — there are Cowboys fans tailgating, celebrating in hopes of a victory they have not had for years. The amount of noise they make tailgating is most likely an attempt to make up for the losses their beloved team has encountered. These fans are loyal, but what else can you expect from a bunch of die – hard fans? They live in a time that no longer exists, refusing to accept that their team are no longer winners. At the end of nearly every game, you can hear every where Cowboys fans crying. Their only consolation is hot Cowboys fans in the form of their cheer leaders, cheering for a team that just can’t win.