Month: September 2017

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview
Cowboys vs Rams Week 4

The team Rams comes up with their elderly head coach Sean McVay and young QB Jared Goff for the Sunday afternoon game. The franchise hasn’t had a winning season since 2003 that sounds well for the team Cowboys. Cowboys may find the perfect opponent for the Sunday afternoon game at AT&T Stadium. Since Jason Garrett become head coach they gradually flourish their games. Moreover, Dallas is in a good position so far in this season except for the tune of losing against Broncos (42-17). Rams are ready to play with the weapons like WR Samy Watkins and Cooper Kupp to face the Cowboys. So, it seems that both teams wanna be the conqueror on Sunday afternoon. Now we try to sketch out the same condition through Cowboys vs Rams game preview.

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys wanna bring back the 2013 season when they Rams by a huge margin (31-7) at Texas. Already Dallas reveals that how much threatening they are fro the Los Angeles. In the last season, Dallas won 13 of 16 games which build their confidence level high. On the contrary, Rams won 4 of 16 games in the last season which sent them to the backfoot. Furthermore, Dallas Cowboys leads the all-time series against Los Angeles and won 4 of last five games. Moreover, Cowboys’ 2017 season is so far well enough than Rams’. So, Cowboys vs Rams game preview goes 85% winning chances Cowboys.

Los Angeles at Dallas Week 4 game Schedule(Time & Venue)


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Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Odds Predictions

Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Prediction
Cowboys vs Cardinals Reg Week 3

It is very difficult to predict NFL seasons or matches. Because there are so many changes from one match to another. Moreover, it also hard to determine that how a team is going to be successful in a certain battle. Furthermore, sometimes it seems that NFL is a utopia where nobody knows that who will wear the crown and studded their name with a golden letter in NFL. But yet it makes easier to us to augered for a certain game based on their previous stats. We will also analyze Dallas and Arizona’s 2016 NFL stats in this regard. Furthermore, Cowboys vs Cardinals last five match stats also help us to pick the winner between Dallas vs Arizona. Finally, in this way, we can pick the team who will win between Dallas vs Arizona.

Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Prediction

We also face some rigidity here for Cowboys Cardinals prediction. Whose previous stats are rich? And for whom the Monday night game will auspicious between Cowboys and Cardinals? We can solve the equation within a very short moment through analyzing their individual caliber. Cowboys 2016 NFL Stats depicts that they forget to lose any game. Because they lose only 3 games in 2016. On the contrary, Cardinals 2016 NFL stats are not that much handsome like Cowboys. They lose 8 and tied 1 game among their allocated 16 games. This stats may slightly betoken that who will be the conqueror in the Monday night football. Similarly, in Dallas vs Arizona last five matches, Dallas won 4 games and lead the total match series. This records completely clarify Cowboys Cardinals prediction. So, in this way, Cowboys Cardinals prediction goes 90% winning chances of Cowboys.

Dallas at Arizona Monday Night Football Schedule (Time & Venue)


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Cowboys vs Broncos Game Prediction 2017 | Reg Week 2 Fight


Reg Week 2: Cowboys Broncos Tonight Game Prediction
Cowboys Broncos Reg week 2

Reg Week 2: Cowboys Broncos Tonight Game Prediction

Cowboys Broncos have already completed their preseason and reg week 1. According to the rules of NFL, they both meet tonight for reg week 2 2017. The team Cowboys compete in the NFL from NFC (East). On the other hand, Broncos are from AFC (west). As they are from the different division, tonight game will create some extra excitement among the fans. So, the suspense may create inside the fans heart that what gonna be happen tonight.

In order to reduce those dilemmas and suspense, we will try to provide a prediction. Because a prediction not only reduces suspense but also encourage the spectators to enjoy reg week 2 Dallas Cowboys Game. In order to Cowboys at Broncos Tonight Game Prediction, we will discuss several core issues of both teams. Firstly, we try to know about Dallas Denver 2016 NFL Match Stats. Secondly, try to check out their last five NFL match results. Lastly, we provide a prediction for Dallas Denver game.

Cowboys vs Broncos Sunday Game Schedule (Time & Venue)

Cowboys at Broncos Game Prediction

Dallas Denver previous stats are quite good. They played their best in 2016 and Preseason 2017. In 2016 Dallas stats are better than Denver. But in their head to head meeting, Broncos are far ahead than Cowboys. Furthermore, in their last five NFL matches Broncos won all five matches. Moreover, in 2017 NFL preseason Broncos won all the game which indicates their extraordinary caliber in NFL 2017. So, Cowboys Broncos Game Prediction goes 80% winning chances of Broncos.


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