Dallas Cowboys Team Cheerleaders 2016

The beauty of the Dallas cowboy cheerleader’s team is something to smile about. I suppose that the cheerleader’s team is the best I have ever watched while on stage. Despite me not being a cowboy fan, I attest to the fact that I really enjoy the cheerleaders perform during half time break. They are the only Team in the NFL to have a reality TVs show. What do you require to be part and parcel of the best cheerleading team? Let’s read the article and learn more about the cheerleaders.

Dallas cowboys’ cheerleader’s history

The ideas of the Dallas cheerleaders’ team building dates back to the early 1920s and 1930s. A research carried out by a group of workers who studied traits of different workers under certain conditions came to a conclusion that cohesion and support are vital attributes for a cheering squad. The cheerleaders are now known to form part of American tradition and history

In the Early 1960 a team of local high school students founded the .original Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squads. The squad didn’t get much attention till the memorable match between the cowboys and Atlanta Falcon. Credit goes to Schramm (Cowboys General manager) for forming a perfect cheerleading squad. The year 1969 marked the adoption of only female cheerleaders and the proceeding years the image of the cheerleaders was greatly perfected. The recruitment of Texie Waterman in 1972 was a great boost to the cheerleading squad. He greatly transformed the squad and made them look sexier and professional

Notable Dallas cheerleaders list

Lot of famous and unique cheerleaders have received much success in their business and shows. Talk about Lee. Jackson, Tina Hernandez, Kimberly Ball, Micaela Johnson, JenniCroft among others have had an impact on the Cowboy Dallas cheering squad. Currently, the cheerleading squad is made up of a team with an age range of between 18-40. For the 2016 training camps a portion of the trainees will use the new Frisca facility. The reporting date of the trainees in the camp will be on July 28

What does it take to be a member of the team?

Most of the veteran of the teams have worked hard to stay in perfect shape and be professional cheerleaders. What really do they do? How do they make it up to that level? It’s pretty simple you just require to enumerate the positive facts from the iconic cheerleaders. Bank on the following facts.

Maintain a proper weight although there is no specific weight requirement for you to a member of the team, it will be good if you can maintain a steady a weight and a proper diet. You need a proper weight so as you may look good in a dance wear. The Dallas cowboys official website recommends a lean figure which will marry with their uniform make up. Maintaining a proper weight in conjunction with being a proper time management will be vital in the cowboys Dallas cheering team.

Be able to pass the cheerleaders team test. It’s expected of you by Team director Kelli McGonagill who were the famous cheerleaders since the 1980 to pass out the test. Learn the complete history of the team, know the favorite cheerleaders and you will be good to go. My favorite part about the cheerleader’s squad is that each and every individual is given a chance to try out. Out of the utmost 39 slots you have an equal chance of being selected into the team.

Be able to sacrifice your time. Although most cheerleaders have other full time job alongside the cheerleading responsibilities it will be nice of you to understand that they don’t expect a paycheck at the end of the month. It’s a full time employment which you will spent 90% of your time in their activities.

What requirements do you need to be a member of the cheerleading squad?

You need to be of at least 18 of years in age only at the time of the preliminary auditions. Be a highs School graduate or an aspiring one. Be in good health to attend the rehearsal among many other activities. You will be expected to perform in military camps nursing homes among many high profile places.

In conclusion, you got what it takes to make it through to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading squad. Be brave and better your best to be with the best in the squad.

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