Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders : History 

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders History
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders History

Ever seen the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders grooving sensuously in their trademark blue and white costumes? Nothing beats the heat of the battle better than these young ladies in full swings. They weren’t always this popular though.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders appeared in the 1960s with the debut of the team. “CowBellas and Beaux” was what the group called itself and was a male-female clubbing of students. DCC didn’t create much traction back then. In the 70S, the DCC got an inclusive makeover. The crew became an all female one and their attires, as well as routines, revived. The team hired professional choreographers for the group. The trick worked well, and the Cowboys cheerleading team became one of the bests. Over the years, the DCC members appeared on several television shows, magazines, and merchandise.

The DCC Auditions and Salaries

Making it into the DDC squad is a dream for many young American ladies. There’s an eligibility criterion for the candidature. Only high school grad females above 18 years are allowed to audition. The girls must also be able to attend all the rehearsals and games. Once selected, you get the job for a year and need to audition to continue after that.

The team auditions more than 600 young females on a yearly basis. Aspirants gather in the Texas Stadium every spring. Around 45 candidates clear the prelims, semis, and finals to become the DCC trainees. Kelli Finglass directs, and Judy Trammell choreographs these interns.

The Cowboys cheerleaders don’t make a huge of their work. But then, they don’t do it for salary. It’s more about the prestige. The average wage for a cheerleader would be about $150 per home game. They also earn some brownie points for paid acts.

DCC Auditions 2018

The 2017 Cowboys cheerleaders auditions start this May. This will also mark the 12th season of the CMT series of the ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team.’ May 6th would be the date for prelims, and then semis will follow the next day. The finalists’ interview is due on May 12th and then the big day of the final auditions would be May 13th. Trainees would report for commencement on June 7th.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders  Mobile App

Making The Team is the official mobile app of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. All your favourite DCC girls and other details of the team can be well accessed here. You get to check pictures, read bios, learn about the upcoming shows, set alerts, and do much more. The app also brings you the most memorable moments and excerpts from previous shows. see More on Dallas Cowboys Mobile Apps.

DCC Off-field TV Appearances

The DCC girls have appeared in two movies and several shows for television. The team appeared for a couple of episodes in season 3 and an episode of season 4 of “The Love Boat.” Other notable appearances were in Family Feud, Harry and the Hendersons, Billy Bob’s New Year Special on CBS, Nashville Palace, Hard Knocks, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, I Can Do That, and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? The DCC also airs its reality TV show “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team.”

DCC Alumni

The most notable names of the DCC alumni would be Lee F. Jackson (Dallas County Judge), Judy Trammell currently serving as the choreographer of the team and Kelli Finglass who directs the squad. The alumni list also has some mainstream actresses like Tina Gayle, Tami Barber, Janet Gunn, D’Laine Gutmann, Jill Marie Jones, Michelle Parma, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Sarah Shahi, and the TV personality Kristin Holt. Denise Garvey, the director and coach of the New York Jets’ Jets Fly Crew and Micaela Johnson, the Miss Nebraska USA 2008, are also DCC alumni.

The Current DCC Squad

The current team of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has 37 names. There are 21 veterans and 16 rookies. Following are the current names in the team.

1. Allie Droste
2. Amy Leonall
3. Amy Trader
4. Cersten Lynese
5. Chantel Jones
6. Claire Brown
7. Danielle Barhold
8. Elizabeth Voegtle
9. Erica Wilkins
10. Heather Hamilton
11. Heather O’Connor
12. Holly Powell
13. Jaclyn Tisdale
14. Jenna Jackson
15. Jennifer Amburn
16. Jessica Purdy
17. Jessika Palmer
18. Jinelle Davidson
19. KaShara Garrett
20. Kelli Sullivan
21. Kelsey Lowrance
22. Khalyn Cole
23. Lacey Munoz
24. Madeline Massingill
25. Maggie Grouse
26. Mandy Voecks
27. Megan Carcioppolo
28. Melissa Wallace
29. Milan Brahney
30. Raylee Sterman
31. Robin Richardson
32. Selina Flores
33. Simone Culwell
34. Stephanie Larson
35. Tasha Cruz
36. Tess Guidry
37. Yuko Kawata

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