Bitter Dallas Cowboys Rivals of NFL History

Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2017
Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2017

It is no secret that throughout their 57 years of activity, the Dallas Cowboys have had perhaps some of the longest and most brutal rivalries in the history of the NFL. The other three members in the NFC East division, the Redskins, the Eagles and the New York Giants, can all be branded as the Cowboys’ bitterest rivals. In addition to these, the Cowboys have had long-standing rivalries with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the 49ers. These teams have always been determined to defeat each other on the field and to prank each other outside of it. Consequently, the fans have also taken this rivalry to heart and have never been afraid to show it. Lets check out who are Dallas Cowboys Rivals.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Rivalry

The two wealthiest franchises in the NFL, both members of the NFC East division, have been at odds ever since the Cowboys joined the National Football League in the 1960’s. There is a rumor that the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Redskins began with a deal that fell through between the founders of these two teams. They are Clint Murchison Junior and George Preston Marshall. As Murchison was attempting to bring an NFL team to Dallas, he struck a deal with Marshall, who was looking to sell the Redskins.

However, due to Marshall changing the terms of the deal without notice, it fell through, leaving Murchison empty-handed. Because of this, he decided to create his own team. However, he could not accomplish this without Marshall’s support. In return for the Redskins’ fight song, for which Murchison had the rights, he would receive the support and so, in 1960 the Dallas Cowboys were founded as an expansion team. In the same year, the two teams met for the first time on the field, but the Redskins left as victors. This was the beginning of the top NFL rivalry in the history of sports. Throughout the decades, this rivalry grew. To this day, the Cowboys seem to be ahead with 68 wins and 2 ties against the Redskins’ 44. The Redskins  are the bitterest Dallas Cowboys Rivals.

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry

The rivalry between the Cowboys and the Eagles began in the 1970’s. It is one of the most passionate competitions between NFL teams out there. In 1981 NFC Championship, the Cowboys and the Eagles met first time. Tensions grew throughout the 80’s and 90’s, especially in 1989 when the Bounty Bowls took place. It is rumored that, at that time, Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan placed a bounty on the Dallas kicker Luis Zendejas. This provoked the fans into throwing snowballs and other debris onto the field. The rivalry grew even more bitter in 2008 when the two teams faced off for a playoff spot. The Eagles won the play off. In 2009, however, the Cowboys managed to score three defeats against the Eagles, avenging the terrible defeat of the previous year.

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Rivalry

The rivalry started at the first games the teams ever played against each other which ended in a 31-31 tie. Although the Giants dominated the first years of the competition, because of a period of poor play in the mid-60’s and 70’s, the Cowboys managed to stay ahead of them during this period. After the 80’s, however, their competition seems to have evened out. A significant moment of their rivalry was the Giants winning the playoffs in 2007 against Dallas and gaining victory in Super Bowl XLII.

Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers Rivalry

In the first regular season game the Cowboys ever played in 1960, they managed to defeat the Steelers by 35-28. Their rivalry was mainly due to three highly contested Super Bowl events: Super Bowl X,  XIII and XXX. The  Steelers won the first two, both being decided in the last few seconds.The Dallas won the last. Their rivalry also grew because of the contrast between the two teams in terms of playing and style.

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry

San Francisco 49ers  are the tougher Dallas Cowboys Rivals. The rivalry between the Cowboys and the 49ers started in the 70’s. The Rivalry is ranked as the 10th in the history of the NFL. The Cowboys  defeated the 49ers  in the 1970 and 1971 Championship games. The 49ers won in 1981 against the Cowboys.Then they lost two of the three games in the 1992-1994 seasons. Their competition also pertains to the cultural rivalry between Texas and California.

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