Cowboys vs Bengals Prediction Week 2 NFL Preseason 2018

Searching for Cowboys vs Bengals Prediction Week 2 NFL Preseason 2018? After the preseason opener both meet in the week 2 of this season where Bengals claim a close win against Bear but Cowboys have lost against 49eres. The Kickoff for the Saturday night will be on 18th August 7:00 pm ET at the home soil of the Cowboys.

So, let’s have a look at the schedule, prediction, both sides key players and how to watch the game on tv and hear on the radio of the upcoming week 2 fight between this two teams.

Cowboys vs Bengals Preseason Week 2 Schedule

Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals both teams have met for 12 times prior to this week’s preseason game. Their last meeting held at the same venue in 2016 where Cowboys also managed a win by 28-14. What do you think, they keep the consistency or not?

  • What: Dallas Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • When: Saturday, 18th August 2018
  • Kickoff: 07:00 pm ET
  • Where: AT & T Stadium

What Channel is Cowboys vs Bengals Game on

The official broadcasters of NFL,  FOX Sports, NBC, CBS, ESPN show all games of NFL 2018. Moreover, WKRC TV provides live stream in Cincinnati and KTVT TV in Dallas.

CIN Bengals vs DAL Cowboys Game on Radio

No matter if you fail to enjoy the game bodily at the stadium or on tv, through Radio now you can get the game update from your home or on the go. In this regard, KRLD FM, KMVK FM provide radio streaming in Dallas and WCKY, WEBN Radio in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals Key Players vs Dallas Cowboys

For Bengals, Alex Redmond has come back very strong in the pitch and he has shown his thirst for a win. He has an impressive combination with Hopkins and Westerman and fans will look up to them to secure the win.

Last season wasn’t all romantic for the Bengals after their 7-9 finish. As their President, Mike Brown stated, the Bengals are after improving their performance last season, mainly on the offense. They are therefore likely to come out with a strong start, which has to be seen right from their preseason match. They already won 30-27 against the Chicago Bears, but a single match is not enough to convince us that they are pulling a superb game.

Dallas Cowboys Key Players

Michael Gallup showed he has the potential to perform in the Cowboys’ last match. We expect him to give us some more during this game, not forgetting Rod Smith and Dak Prescott. And Cowboys vs Bengals Prediction Week 2 will be quite apprehensible that how these veterans can snatch the match from Bengals on Saturday.

The Cowboys already started their preseason with a loss against the San Francisco 49ers. There is pressure for them to pull out an incredible performance in their next match, as an indication that they can win the super bowl. This is not to mean that the Cowboys have a poor game. After all, the 49ers only pulled a strong comeback in a game the Cowboys were comfortably ahead.

Cowboys vs Bengals Prediction Week 2 NFL Preseason 2018

The AT&T Stadium match presents to teams that are extra hungry to win, but in my view, odds are high for the Cowboys to win. Though Bengals were more composed in their week 1 preseason than the Cowboys were, they won’t let the situation back again in this week since the game is in their home ground. So, the probable score might be for Cowboys 28 and Bengals 13.

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Cowboys vs 49ers Predictions Preseason Week 1

Get ready to get glued to your sofa-sets with ample popcorn and the TV remote in your hand as you are about to watch the biggest game of the season. Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers NFL are off to an adrenaline pumping and heart thumping match.

The game will be on coming Thursday night 09th August 2018 at the home of San Francisco 49ers. Here is Cowboys vs 49ers Predictions Preseason Week 1 and some information on the schedule, key players to watch, and what tv and radio will live telecast the game.

Cowboys vs 49ers TV Schedule

49ers will take Cowboys at their home where both the teams will meet for the 37th game. Last season the Cowboys manage a massive win against SF 49ers at their home soil and perhaps this time 49ers

  • Teams: Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers
  • Kickoff: 10:00 pm ET
  • Date: 09th August 2018
  • Venue: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California, San Francisco

What Channel is the Cowboys vs 49ers Game on Tonight

Don’t need to be worried if you can’t go to the stadium, likewise the previous seasons a number of tv channels will live telecast the game all over the USA. FOX, NBC, CBS, ESPN will show the game live telecast tonight Cowboys vs 49ers game. KTVT TV provides live feed in Dallas and KPIX TV in San Francisco.

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers Game Radio Streaming

Now with the help of a couple of radio stations, you can hear the live game update in your area. Dallas Cowboys fans can hear on KRLD FM 105.3 and SF 49ers fans can listen to the KSAN 107.7 FM.

DAL Cowboys Key Players to watch

“Typically when you get to this part of training camp, you have some discussions about which way you want to go based on the work we have,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

The 49ers will give a tough fight but Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens at linebacker for Dallas get back together for the first time with a winning stance. And Antwaun Woods Jr. will also grab the fans attraction.

SF 49ers Key Players against Cowboys

Undoubtedly, in the 49ers side, Jimmy Garoppolo with 183 passing completion and Aldrick Robinson who made 9 receiving touchdowns will be the key players of the 49ers.

Cowboys vs 49ers Predictions Preseason Week 1

Cowboys so far lead the series in head to head meeting with 49ers with winning 18 games. And they perhaps give the same feeling to their fans like last season against the San Francisco. Dallas has been a stronger team altogether when compared with their rivals and the prediction goes by Cowboys at 34 and 49ers at 20.

Sum up

So, viewers see the Cowboys vs 49ers Predictions Preseason Week 1 and put your prediction here in the comment box and enjoy the game with your friends and family.

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Cowboys vs Packers Sunday Game Prediction Create Stir

Cowboys vs Packers Game Prediction
Cowboys vs Packers Week 5

The Cowboys will look to be the NFC East champion as the first team to repeat it. But they have to overcome some tough challenges to make it happen. In order to create a stir, they must be used Ezekiel Elliot properly on Sunday game against the Packers. In the Sunday game, Dallas will be a hot favorite at their home. They might get huge supporters to cheer and boost them. Cowboys vs Packers Sunday game will be more entertaining for the fans because they will see the execution of Rodgers, Elliott, Prescott, and Damarious Lawrence. Green Bay perhaps use their trump card, Aaron Rodgers, and Ty Montgomery but Dallas have the strength to protect them by using Elliott, Terrance.

Now it’s all about the matter of time that either Gb Packers or Dallas Cowboys who will create a stir. One side represents the team Gb Packers who is unstoppable so far except the lose against Falcons. On the other hand, the team Dallas who get extra privilege in their home from their fans with a destructive win against Cardinals which may bring some extra confidence on the Sunday game. Cowboys vs Packers game prediction itself create a stir by providing a fantabulous prediction over the game.

Cowboys vs Packers Game Prediction

Elliott and Prescott perhaps remember their last match’s performance with 96 rushing yards. They might be maintaining this flow with the Gb Packers. Last season Dallas Cowboys was incredible with the win of 13 of 16 matches including Gb Packers. But in this sense, Gb Packers are behind than the Dallas with the explosive lose in the last season. Although Gb Packers leads the all-time series by 18-17, Dallas Cowboys’ winning possibility is so obvious at AT&T stadium. Consequently, Gb Packers vs Dallas game prediction goes 80% winning chances of the Cowboys. Record 4-0.

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Packers at Cowboys Sunday Game Schedule (Time & Venue)

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview
Cowboys vs Rams Week 4

The team Rams comes up with their elderly head coach Sean McVay and young QB Jared Goff for the Sunday afternoon game. The franchise hasn’t had a winning season since 2003 that sounds well for the team Cowboys. Cowboys may find the perfect opponent for the Sunday afternoon game at AT&T Stadium. Since Jason Garrett become head coach they gradually flourish their games. Moreover, Dallas is in a good position so far in this season except for the tune of losing against Broncos (42-17). Rams are ready to play with the weapons like WR Samy Watkins and Cooper Kupp to face the Cowboys. So, it seems that both teams wanna be the conqueror on Sunday afternoon. Now we try to sketch out the same condition through Cowboys vs Rams game preview.

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys wanna bring back the 2013 season when they Rams by a huge margin (31-7) at Texas. Already Dallas reveals that how much threatening they are fro the Los Angeles. In the last season, Dallas won 13 of 16 games which build their confidence level high. On the contrary, Rams won 4 of 16 games in the last season which sent them to the backfoot. Furthermore, Dallas Cowboys leads the all-time series against Los Angeles and won 4 of last five games. Moreover, Cowboys’ 2017 season is so far well enough than Rams’. So, Cowboys vs Rams game preview goes 85% winning chances Cowboys.

Los Angeles at Dallas Week 4 game Schedule(Time & Venue)


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Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Odds Predictions

Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Prediction
Cowboys vs Cardinals Reg Week 3

It is very difficult to predict NFL seasons or matches. Because there are so many changes from one match to another. Moreover, it also hard to determine that how a team is going to be successful in a certain battle. Furthermore, sometimes it seems that NFL is a utopia where nobody knows that who will wear the crown and studded their name with a golden letter in NFL. But yet it makes easier to us to augered for a certain game based on their previous stats. We will also analyze Dallas and Arizona’s 2016 NFL stats in this regard. Furthermore, Cowboys vs Cardinals last five match stats also help us to pick the winner between Dallas vs Arizona. Finally, in this way, we can pick the team who will win between Dallas vs Arizona.

Cowboys vs Cardinals Monday Night Football Prediction

We also face some rigidity here for Cowboys Cardinals prediction. Whose previous stats are rich? And for whom the Monday night game will auspicious between Cowboys and Cardinals? We can solve the equation within a very short moment through analyzing their individual caliber. Cowboys 2016 NFL Stats depicts that they forget to lose any game. Because they lose only 3 games in 2016. On the contrary, Cardinals 2016 NFL stats are not that much handsome like Cowboys. They lose 8 and tied 1 game among their allocated 16 games. This stats may slightly betoken that who will be the conqueror in the Monday night football. Similarly, in Dallas vs Arizona last five matches, Dallas won 4 games and lead the total match series. This records completely clarify Cowboys Cardinals prediction. So, in this way, Cowboys Cardinals prediction goes 90% winning chances of Cowboys.

Dallas at Arizona Monday Night Football Schedule (Time & Venue)


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