Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry: A Battle Not to be Missed 

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2017
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2018

When “Best” is defined in the National Football League (NFL), it means Super Bowls. But how “best of the best” can be decided when we attempt to compare different teams from different eras. It is a question that is most intriguing, yet still unanswerable because of the reason that two equally great teams hardly clash in a particular era. Thus the great Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry is born.

Steelers vs Cowboys Rivalry History

Two champions, two dynasties; Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys played twice against each other in Super Bowl in the 70’s and this created one of the greatest rivalries in the sports world. Pittsburgh succeeded in both games. This and their complete sweep against Dallas in four games between 1976-79 won them the status of “Team of the Decade”.

Came 80’s and both franchises found themselves rebuilding their teams and competing for each other. The highlight of their rivalry came in 1982 in Texas Stadium when the Steelers managed to score 36 against 28 and broke Cowboys NFL-record for 17 years of winning season’s opening match.

This rivalry continued in 1990’s as well. Both the teams met in the Super Bowl XXX. This time Cowboys managed to won and take some revenge from the Steelers. Somehow or the other the game was missing the glamor, thrill, and excitement of the earlier seasons. Since then the fans have not gotten many chances to see both the team playing against each other. Now they play every four seasons. Last time. they were seen playing against each other was eight years ago.

Fans Rivalry

While the rivalry between the two teams may have cooled down over the decades, the competitiveness between the fans is as intense as ever. Both teams have a solid fan base nationwide. Cowboys have five players from their Super Bowls team of 70’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, while the number for Steelers is 10. Steelers have also won six Super Bowls. Interesting both teams have defeated each other 15 times including the Super Bowls.

Both the teams on their credit have the honor of playing eight super bowl appearances. They are the only franchises to experience this. At the same time, while many teams have battled against each other in Super Bowl twice, Pittsburgh and Dallas are the only teams that have paired against each other thrice.

Steelers vs. Cowboys rivalry spans over several generations. Just like celestial phenomenon occurs rarely but cannot be missed, in the same way, Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry battle on the football field always spark interest and excitement.

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