Dallas Cowboys Team NFL History 2016

 In 1920 the National Football League was formed. At the time it was small (containing fourteen teams), there was no Super Bowl, and it faced competition from other leagues. Come 1966 and the National Football League as it is known today was forged from the merger of the NFL and AFL. During that time period the Dallas Cowboys were born. Since the 1960’s the Dallas Cowboys have gone on to win five out of eight Super Bowl appearances and become the most valuable sports franchise in the world. In this article I am going to go over the history of the Dallas Cowboys and how they became the world’s most successful sport’s squad in the history of the modern era of sports.

Texas oilman Clint Murchison Jr. was the original founder of the Dallas Cowboys. In 1960 when the league was still young, he decided to make an NFL team in the South (there were no others besides the Washington Redskins) because he saw the big media market Dallas would become. After becoming a team they went off to a red hot start winning two Super Bowls in 1971 and 1977. In the 1980’s the team was sold to H.R. Bright who mishandled the team. The Cowboys were playing top level gameplay and the year he bought the team it missed the playoffs for the very first time in 10 seasons. Soon the team would post negative seasons going so far as 3-13 in 1988. Eventually Bright had enough of failure and current owner Jerry Jones took the reins in 1989.

Jerry Jones immediately came in swinging firing immensely popular Head coach Tom Landry and switched him out for Jimmy Johnson. While the team would go 1-15 Jones’ first year, they picked up future Hall of Fame talent in Quarterback Troy Aikmen and Running back Emmitt Smith. After that rebuilding year, Jones’ team would return to their former glory winning three Super Bowls in 1992, 93, and 95. Now they have fallen to 480 – 364 – 6 (Wins, Losses, and ties) overall during the regular season.

The Dallas Cowboys have amassed some insane stats over the years. Emmitt Smith is their all-time rushing yards leader with over 17,000 yards during his career. Tony Romo surpassed Troy Aiken for all-time passing yards with over 34,000 yards in his ongoing career. The team has been in the Super Bowl eight times and won five which is tied for second most wins by a team with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking the number one spot. They hold the Super Bowl MVP record with seven players taking the achievement. The team has seen 22 players make the National Football League Hall of Fame with notable standouts in running back Emmit Smith, quarterback Troy Aikmen, and Cornerback Deion Sanders.

Currently the team is owned by the third owner Jerry Jones who has transformed the team into the number one sports franchise worldwide. Through his wealth, influence, and strategic brilliance he used the Dallas market to feed into the team’s success which has led into the team being worth $4 billion dollars. One of the ways Jones has been able to propel his team to the top is through less management. Normally a football team has a General Manager (GM), CEO, President, and an owner. Jerry Jones along with his children run the Dallas office which allows for Jerry to make potentially “dangerous” moves without having to worry about a board of directors or CEO trying to rein him in.

His strategy has worked well thus far, but as of late the team has hit on hard times. In the 2015 season the team went 4-12 under head coach Jason Garret. Jason Garret has been the head coach for the past six years and has come away with middling results. As head coach he has a 45-43 record which is barely above .500. He has only produced one NFC East championship in his six seasons which ended quickly with a loss to the Packers. While it may look like he has been underwhelming compared to past Coaches he can’t be faulted for all of the Cowboy’s recent woes. In 2015 the team went through the “injury bug” with star QB Tony Romo being on the bench the majority of the campaign alongside fellow star Dez Bryant. Led by mediocre play in the Quarterback position paired with a mediocre defense led to a disappointing finish for such an accomplished franchise. The team is looking to bounce back in the 2016 season with all of their key players returning and a good draft.

The team’s tradition goes past the winning record and five Super Bowl rings. The name and logo are a no brainer for Texas. Texas in the 1800s was known for large ranches who employed cowboys to herd cattle from the ranches to the train stations where the cows would be shipped to Chicago for meat processing. The logo of the star is a callback to the state’s title of the, “Lone Star State.” The team is one of the few that are selected to play on Thanksgiving Day every year which has produced a 29-18 record on the American feast day. In 2015 the team wore throwback uniforms featuring an older design to commemorate the occasion.

The Dallas Cowboys have consistently been a top performer in the National Football League. They are the only professional American football team to have 20 straight winning seasons and are the most valuable sports team in the world after recording $620 million in revenue in 2014. The team has not changed much over the years which is not normal for a NFL team. It has never moved from Dallas even though it has changed stadiums over the years. Their uniforms have been the same white and blue for decades and they have only gone through three owners in over 50 years.

The franchise has propelled the sport of football to practically owning a day of the week (Sunday) and making the Super Bowl the most watched single day event on television. The Dallas Cowboys might not be happy with their current lack of success, but at least they have a shining history of excellence to look back on which cannot be said for some teams. They might not be a “founding” team of the original 1920’s National Football League, but that has not stopped the Cleveland Browns from suffering a lifelong drought of Super Bowl titles. Dallas Cowboy fans scattered all over the country can enjoy their success in peace even with the recent skid. Super Bowl Rings last forever.

Dallas Cowboys Team NFL History 2016