Dallas Cowboys Team History 2017

Dallas Cowboys Team History
Dallas Cowboys Team History

In 1960, the NFL permitted the creation of a brand new modern expansion team based in Dallas. There was great opposition to the creation of a new team, particularly by the owner of the Washington Redskins, George Preston Marshall. The Redskins had enjoyed dominating the NFL up until this time. It is said that owners of the new teaming Dallas bought the performance rights to the Redskins fight song, played at every game, and threatened to ban the Redskins from playing it at their games. Soon enough, Dallas was allowed to form a team. Thus Dallas Cowboys Team History begins.

The team has had numerous names in its history. First, it was called the Dallas Steers, then the Rangers, but finally the team entered the NFL as the Dallas Cowboys.

Team Ownership

There were three majority owners in Dallas Cowboys Team History. The first was founding owner Clint Murchison Jnr from 1960 to 1983. The second was Harvey “Bum” Bright who purchased the team from Murchison for $85 million and who tenure lasted from 1984-88. And finally since 1989, the principal owner has been Jerry Jones, and he also serves as both president and general manager too.

Team Coaches

While there has been only three owners, the position of coach is more precarious. This would explain why there have been 8 head coaches since 1960:

Tom Landry was the first ever coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Landry had been the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants (the offensive coordinator was none other than Vince Lombardi) before going to Dallas and remained there for 29 seasons. All in all, Landry won the Super Bowl twice, five Conference titles, thirteen divisional titles. When he retired, he had coached the team to 270 wins.

Following up the record of Landry was a tough job, but after a career in college football, Jimmy Johnson certainly gave it his best shot. He coached the Cowboys for just 5 seasons. But in that time, he lead them to victory in the Super Bowl twice.

Barry Switzer was next to head Dallas, but he only ruled the roost for 4 years. Still, he managed to take them to Super Bowl victory too at Super Bowl XXX.

In the 1998-1999 seasons, Chan Gailey headed the Cowboys, but achieved little success and soon moved on to the Miami Dolphins. Dave Campo followed after Gailey was fired, but had the remarkable record of 5 wins and 11 losses for three seasons in a row.

Jerry Jones lured Bill “Big Tuna” Parcells out of retirement to lead the Cowboys for 4 seasons, but Parcells was also unable to deliver. His replacement was Wade Phillips. He survived 3 full seasons with equally unremarkable results But the franchise  fired him in the middle of his 4th season as head coach.
Finally, the current head coach is Jason Garrett, who is now in his 7th season at Dallas. After a rather mundane start to his stewardship of the Cowboys, his leadership has picked up in the past 3 seasons. He was  NFL Coach of the Year in 2016. Thus he has been the best Dallas Cowboys Team History.

First NFL Games:

On September 24th, 1960, the newly formed Dallas Cowboys played their first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Cowboys managed to sustain the lead until the 4th Quarter, the Steelers ended up stealing the game. Unfortunately, the Cowboys went onto the lose all of their first ten games in the NFL.

Super Bowl Wins

The Dallas Cowboys have won the Super Bowl five times in the Dallas Cowboys Team History.
1972 – January 16th – the Cowboys clinched victory against the Miami Dolphins by 24-3. In 1978, Dallas defeated the Denver Broncos by  27-10. The Dallas Cowboys handed a heavy defeated to the Buffalo Bills winning 51-17 in 1993 . The Cowboys once again defeated the Bills with a winning score of 30-13 in 1994. Dallas defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers by 27-17 in 1996. Lets know more of Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls History

NFC Championship

The Cowboys have been NFC Champions under Tom Landry in 1970, 71 and 77. Jimmy Johnson repeated this endeavour in 1992, 93 and 95. Logos and Uniforms of Dallas Cowboys:For the first three seasons of their existence, the Cowboys’ logo was a single dark blue star. The Helmet itself has changed colour from the original white to the recognisable silver. Only in the 1976 season did the team change their helmet to include a red stripe paired with the traditional blue across the top.

Uniform & Logo 

The uniforms haven’t changed much either, although they’ve obvious been updated with the years. Dallas Cowboys worn their trademark silver grey pants and the blue jersey for home games. They wear  white jersey on the road.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The beauty of the Dallas cowboy cheerleader’s team is something to smile about. I suppose that the cheerleader’s team is the best I have ever watched while on stage. Despite me not being a cowboy fan, I attest to the fact that I really enjoy the cheerleaders perform during half time break. They are the only Team in the NFL to have a reality TVs show. What do you require to be part and parcel of the best cheerleading team? Let’s read the article and learn more about the The Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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