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Dallas Cowboys Team Facebook Fans 2016

The Dallas Cowboys are very active on social media. On Facebook the Cowboys have 8.2 million fans who like, comment, share, and post on the Cowboys official Facebook page. The Cowboys tend to post links to articles relating to the team and short Facebook videos in the form of teasers. Whenever the team puts out social events like the Ashley Furniture Home Store Hope to Dream Stadium Sleepover, they will post pictures in the form of an album on the Cowboys page.

On Facebook you can find groups for almost anything, and the Dallas Cowboys are no exception. There are various groups of Cowboys fans whether you are a Dallas Cowboys fan in Mexico (Dallas Cowboys Mexico 3,390 members), a Dallas Cowboy fan in Southern California (So. Cal Dallas Cowboys Fan Club 3,920 members), or a die-hard fan in general (Dallas Cowboys Super-Fans 1,356 members closed group) there is a group for you. Some groups are more specialized. The Dallas Cowboys Merchandise Buy/Sale/Trade group (492 members) is a great place if you are looking to buy any sort of merch for a discount compared to a big box store or more official sources.

The Dallas Cowboys have always called themselves, “America’s Team” and Facebook backs up this assertion. With over 8 million likes spread across the country, the Dallas Cowboys are the clear favorite across America. The Dallas Cowboys Facebook page is a great place for you to find fellow minded Cowboy’s fans and discover great Cowboys themed content.

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Top Popular Dallas Cowboys FACEBOOK FANS Group 2016

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