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Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl History
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl History

American Football has captured the hearts of many people. A sport tests the strength, strategy, thinking, and the teamwork of each team. Among the football teams across America, the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls competition has raised the team to its pedestal. A team, who continuously strive to make Dallas – Fort Worth Complex reigns. Here are the five (5) breathtaking championships of Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls in history.

1971 (VI): Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

This was a match between the two big lineups in the Football field: The Dallas Cowboys of National Football Conference (NTC) and Miami Dolphins of American Football Conference (AFC). It took place last January 16, 1972 at the prestigious Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite the tension of not winning any big playoffs, the Cowboys made their fans roar in this memorable match. They scored 24-3 during the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl, the iciest game with 39 �F or 4 �C of the southern location. Truly, they made everyone so proud for making their touch down for the winning.

1977 (XII) Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos

The first ever Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl played in a domed stadium and in prime time. A match between Cowboys and the AFC champion Denver Broncos. This was a game of victory as the team defeated their opponents with a score of 27-10. A chapter of the football history played on January 15, 1978 at the New Orleans Louisiana Superdome. Aside from winning as a team, Cowboys ended it with honor as their defensive tackle and defensive end, Randy White and Harvey Martin both won the Super Bowl MVP. It is the very first time that a defensive lineman made it to an MVP.

1992 (XXVII): Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills

January 31, 1993 was the third win of Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl against Buffalo Bills of Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area. The football team scored 52-17 and gained their third reign in the Super Bowl competition. Since 1984, this was the first duel between the named teams that ended up losing for the Bills. Contrary to their defeat, this playoff tied with Super Bowl XXXVII as the second highest scoring.

1993 (XXVIII): Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl triumphs never stop there and even made another record of meeting and defeating the same team in two consecutive years. Cowboys met Bills for the second time. However, like the previous year, the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ended in a score of 30-13 last January 30, 1994. It was a notable year in their history; the game ended without their key players because of unexpected injuries.

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