New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys Rivalry

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry : The Oldest NFL Rivalry

New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys Rivalry
New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2018

Giants vs Cowboys Rival History

There are no concrete beginnings that can be tracked for New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry. But until 1960’s, Giants were a powerhouse team, but from early 1960’s their period of poor play started. It continued till early 1980’s.

In the first ever game played between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, it ended in 31-31 draw. Next 20 years, was dominated by Dallas Cowboys until a resurgent New York Giants team started dominating them.

For those who want to know how many games these two teams play each year? Giants and Cowboys play each other twice a year.

The Rivalry Analysis:

New York Giants started going down in performance in the early 1960’s. From that point, onwards till their resurgence at the beginning of 1980’s, the New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry was dominated by Dallas Cowboys. A simple statistic will tell you the truth. Let’s see wins by Dallas Cowboys.

During 60’s – Cowboys – 9 won; 6 lost; 2 drawn

During 70’s – Cowboys – 17 won; 3 lost; 0 drawn

During 80’s – Cowboys – 9 won; 9 lost

This is the period of the resurgence by New York Giants.

Again in 90’s Cowboys dominated – 12 won; 8 lost

Only from 2000’s, both the team were playing in equal terms.

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Reason For The Rivalry:

There is a good reason why New York Giants want this rivalry to be alive. Due to the drubbing, the got for almost 30 years from the hands of Cowboys; they better be fuming.

As I mentioned above, the way New York Giants lost to Dallas Cowboys for an almost 30-year period is not a surprise, which both the teams are still having this rivalry fresh.

New York Giants want to win every game against Dallas Cowboys, and Cowboys are game for this challenge.

Even today, both teams are equal in their strength and giving fierce competition whenever they meet.

Impact of the Rivalry on Players and Coaches

Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants have things in common. When Dallas Cowboys was formed in 1960, college draft was already over. Hence this team was formed by NFL player expansion draft. Due to this, few players from New York Giants were selected to play Dallas Cowboys. Then the legendary Tom Landry, once a player and coach with New York Giants then become the first head coach of Dallas Cowboys.

Like this, over the extended period, both these teams transferred their players to each other this also happened to the coaching staff.

It made the rivalry even interesting because several players need to change their allegiance due to these transfers along with coaching staff.

Exciting moments:

One of the key and exciting moment for Dallas Cowboys was their first meet with New York Giants. After a streak of 10 straight losses, Dallas Cowboys tied this match with New York Giants.

For New York Giants, the week 14, 2016 game where they were struggling and Cowboys on an onslaught, New York Giants turned around the match to win it comfortably.

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