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Twitter started as a small internet messaging service. It blossomed into a huge multinational company with over 300 million users worldwide. The Dallas Cowboys joined Twitter in 2007 and have amassed almost 3 million followers since then. The Cowboys have made 38.7 thousand tweets in their nine years to their almost two million worldwide fans.

The substance of the Cowboys tweets tends to be made up of a lot of re-tweets (sharing another Twitter users tweet to your audience) of local Dallas Cowboys media personalities and players, and tweeting when certain events and milestones take place. For example, the Cowboys tweeted out, “Less than a month until we’re in Oxnard #CowboysCamp” with a 30 second teaser for their Oxnard summer camp.


Speaking of Twitter’s signature #hashtags, the Cowboys have created an unique #hashtage of their own. For the Cowboys fans they have the #CowboyNation so that you can see all of the Dallas Cowboys fans reactions to the game, news, and generally giving love to their favorite football team.


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Dallas Cowboys | @dallascowboys
Dallas Cowboys | @CowboysTeam | @cowboysdotcom
Dallas Cowboys news | @dmn_cowboys
Cowboys United | @DallasCowboysU
Cowboys Nation | @DallasCowboysTN
Cowboys 247 | @NFL_Cowboys247
  Cowboys Cheerleaders| @DCCheerleaders

While the Dallas Cowboys were the most popular team on Facebook by far, their dominance does not translate to Twitter followers. Currently, the New England Patriots are in first with followers on Twitter with about 3.37. million followers. The Dallas Cowboys are still in the Top 5 with the #3 spot at 3 million. The Cowboys are still a top tier social media presence on Twitter even if they are not number one.

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