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Dallas Cowboys Google Plus 2018

Google Plus was supposed to be Google’s attempt at a dominant social media platform especially after integrating it with YouTube. Unfortunately for Google, the public largely ignored Google Plus and it was widely believed that Google would pull the shutters on the fledgling platform. Yet, Google had plans for plus and has pivoted the platform into a different sort of social media platform and the Dallas Cowboys have embraced the change.

The Dallas Cowboys on Google Plus have 785,000 plus followers on Google Plus making it their third most popular social media platform. The Cowboys have managed to garner 85 million views over the years which is quite the feat. Their Google Plus page is relatively feature rich. It features a header, profile picture, and a link to the team website. The page is set similar to a business page you would find on Google Plus and is very informative.

The main content posted on the Google Plus page are called “mailbags.” The Mailbag is a weekly post the team makes detailing what is going on with the team, stadium, and the players. The team also shares Dallas Cowboys themed content articles from familiar names in the Dallas, Texas area to complement the weekly mailbags.

The team also posts pictures on their Google Plus in the form of albums similar to their Facebook page which are interesting to check out. The pictures tend to be more of when the Cowboys play football so there are some good potential wallpapers or lock screens waiting to be had. The Google Plus page also links to their YouTube channel so you can grab pretty much all you need to know on the Cowboys Google Plus page.

While Google Plus may be on the decline as a social media platform that has not stopped the Dallas Cowboys from using it to their full advantage. You can find an array of content available for your reading or viewing pleasure.

Dallas Cowboys Google Plus Fans 2018

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