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Top 10 Best Dallas Cowboys Players All Time

Dallas Cowboys Players All Time
Dallas Cowboys Players All Time

A sports team can never shine without the brightest stars to their side. Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. The Cowboys happens to be the highest valued franchise in the league.Dallas Cowboys played a record of 20 straight unbeaten seasons from 1966 to 1985. Since 2002, the side has recorded a streak of 190 consecutive sell outs.They won 8 NFC titles making it through to Super Bowls and won there five times. Dallas decorated the football arena with many Hall of Famers. Roger Staubach, Randy White, Bob Hayes, Tony Dorsett were the early entrants to the Football Hall of Fame. The franchise produced many more superstars.Here are the top 10 Best Dallas Cowboys Players All Time.

1. Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith was the greatest rusher ever. In 13 years with Cowboys, he ran 17,162 yards and scored 153 touchdowns. The peak achievement of Super Bowl XXVIII MVP’s career would be the three Super Bowls that the Cowboys won under him. He got to play 8 Pro Bowls and was a part of All-Pro teams five times. Smith even led the NFL rush four times. Smith earned a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductance in 2010.

2. Roger Staubach

Another close candidate for the best player in Cowboys history id Roger ‘the Dodger’ Staubach. Roger was popular for his rash drives on the field. He earned an overall passer rating of 83.4. He made it to the Pro Bowl six times. The man led his side to clinch five NFC championships and two Super Bowls. Roger reserved his name in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

3. Bob Lilly

Nobody could block Bob Lilly. He was the star of the dominant defence of Dallas Cowboys in 60s. Lilly featured in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980. The man led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl XI. Lilly entered Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams 11 and 9 times respectively.

4. Tony Dorsett

Dorsett is another Cowboys player inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In a career of 11 years for Cowboys and one for Broncos, he rushed for 12,739 yards for 72 touchdowns and caught 382 passes for 3432 yards producing 13 touchdowns. Cowboys won the Super Bowl XII under him. Dorsett featured in 4 Pro Bowls and 3 All-Pro teams.

5. Randy White

Randy White had a 14 years long career with Dallas Cowboys. He played his first two players as a linebacker. The man came off as a legend after he turned defensive tackle. He featured in the Super Bowl XII and was joint MVP. White was an integral part of dominant Cowboys defence and went on to become a Hall of Famer. He received 9 selection in both Pro Bowl and All-Pro team.

6. Troy Aikman

Aikman was far above the numbers he managed to create. He played 12 seasons for the side and ended up with the most 32,942 passing yards. Troy Aikman was the quarterback for three Super Bowl title wins of the franchise and earned 6 Pro Bowls and an AlL-Pro selection. He was the 2006 Pro Football Hall of Famer.

7. Jason Witten

You just can’t ignore the numbers that Witten put on. In his 13 seasons, he recorded 1,020 receptions for 11,215 yards and 60 touchdown catches. Witten was a great blocking force for the Cowboys. Witten is the 7th of┬áBest Dallas Cowboys Players All Time.

8. Michael Irvin

The ‘Playmaker’, Irvin played 12 seasons for the side. The wide receiver for the dominant Cowboys of 90s was the best in pro football. He helped his side win three Super Bowl titles and went to three All-Pro. He also is a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

9. Mel Renfro

An extremely famous offensive player in college, Renfro was made to defend for Cowboys by the coach Tom Landry. The move made him the legend he is. He helped the side clinch two Super Bowls. Renfro also made it to 10 Pro Bowls and five All-Pro teams. He happens to be one of the 1996 Pro Football Hall of Famers.

10. Larry Allen

Football never saw a better interior lineman than Larry Allen. He secured a Hall of Fame quarterback and recorded most rushing yards ever in NFL history. Allen was a member of Super Bowl XXX winning Cowboys side. Furthermore, he earned the inclusion to Pro Bowls 11 times and All-Pro teams 7 times.

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