Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys Rivalry

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Rivalry:Top NFL Rivalry

Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys Rivalry
Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys Rivalry 2018

Rivalry History

History keeps Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry close. They first met in the year 1961 and have since played each other twice on every NFL regular season. The matches always begin as friendly matches until that time one team gets to realize it’s better than the other or the vice versa. One team realizing it is weaker than the other and doing everything and everything possible to win over them. Thus the  Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry began.

Reason of The Rivalry

The reasons of rivalry between two teams that are good at a similar game are often for a couple reasons, some which are valid and others too vague. However, the rivalry does not keep them from playing the game they love. In this article, look at the history of the Dallas Cowboys vs. Redskins meetings, their rivalry and the history of the games they played.

Cowboys vs Redskins Rivalry Analysis

They both met 114 times. The rivalry began in 1979 when Harvey Martin threw a Funeral Wreath into the Redskin’s locker, which to them depicted their upcoming loss. The Cowboys lost their 1978 game at RFK stadium by a score of 9-5.

Thanks giving Day at the time was in the year 1974. Clint Longley who was considered a rookie and not expected to cause a win for the Cowboys because he even got into the pitch during the 3rd quarter. Anyone who saw him get into the pitch would of course expect to win over him and his entire team but the unexpected happened causing more rivalry from the Redskins. They won 23-24 over the Redskins.

Looking at an analysis of all the meetings they both went to and the games they played from the very beginning when the Redskins won, we get to see that the Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry was not all that exciting. The Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry was in full swing in the year 1971.

With only two games remaining, Washington was 11-1 and had clinched the NFC East title. This was an ensuing loss to the Cowboys, 34-24.

The Cowboys and the Redskins met 17 times in total. From all the analysis above, and from all the games played, the Cowboys have been ahead throughout the series of years. The impact on the rivalry may have caused enmity between the players and the coaches as is in any game, and thus they used individuals from each of the teams to get to give their best during their tournaments. The largest victory was in the year 1993, by the Dallas Cowboys, 38-3 by Redskins.


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