Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview
Cowboys vs Rams Week 4

The team Rams comes up with their elderly head coach Sean McVay and young QB Jared Goff for the Sunday afternoon game. The franchise hasn’t had a winning season since 2003 that sounds well for the team Cowboys. Cowboys may find the perfect opponent for the Sunday afternoon game at AT&T Stadium. Since Jason Garrett become head coach they gradually flourish their games. Moreover, Dallas is in a good position so far in this season except for the tune of losing against Broncos (42-17). Rams are ready to play with the weapons like WR Samy Watkins and Cooper Kupp to face the Cowboys. So, it seems that both teams wanna be the conqueror on Sunday afternoon. Now we try to sketch out the same condition through Cowboys vs Rams game preview.

Cowboys vs Rams Sunday Afternoon Football Battle Preview

Cowboys wanna bring back the 2013 season when they Rams by a huge margin (31-7) at Texas. Already Dallas reveals that how much threatening they are fro the Los Angeles. In the last season, Dallas won 13 of 16 games which build their confidence level high. On the contrary, Rams won 4 of 16 games in the last season which sent them to the backfoot. Furthermore, Dallas Cowboys leads the all-time series against Los Angeles and won 4 of last five games. Moreover, Cowboys’ 2017 season is so far well enough than Rams’. So, Cowboys vs Rams game preview goes 85% winning chances Cowboys.

Los Angeles at Dallas Week 4 game Schedule(Time & Venue)


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