Dallas Cowboys NFC Championship Game

Dallas Cowboys NFC Championships : 8 Times Champion

Dallas Cowboys NFC Championship History
Dallas Cowboys NFC Championship History

Dallas Cowboys headquartered in Frisco, Texas is a professional football team of NFC East Division. The team’s 8 Super Bowl appearances are the second highest ever along with Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos. Check out  Dallas Cowboys NFC Championships.

In NFC championships, Cowboys won 8 of their 14 games to enter the Super Bowl. They also won 5 out of their 8 Super Bowls. Dallas Cowboys hold the current record of most NFC Championship game victories of 14. The team recorded 20 back to back winning seasons from 1966 to 1985. Recently in 2015, the team became the most valuable sports globally worth $4 billion.

Here are the last 5 NFC Championship games that Dallas Cowboys featured in.

1982: Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys


Despite having the best NFL record, Washington Redskins were fighting for respect when they entered the 1982 NFC Championship game. They wanted their revenge for the six straight losses that they faced against the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins dominated the game throughout. Cowboys also committed three turnovers, and those gave 17 points to the Redskins. Redskins won the game 31-17 and made it gloriously to the Super Bowl XVII. See  Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry

1992: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys


The 80s was the decade of San Francisco 49ers where they won four Super Bowls. 49ers entered the 90s with similar intentions of establishing another decade of dominance. The regular season record for 49ers was 14-2. Then came the Cowboys, a team all hot with its attitude and the fiery coach Jimmy Johnson. The half time game was tied at 10 and featured a famous ‘Fumble’ from 49ers. The game was too cutthroat in the fourth quarter, but Cowboys were the ones posing a hurdle in 49ers wy of Dominance. Cowboys won the title with 30-20.

1993: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys


Dallas had won the last NFC Championship game against the same side that it was facing this season. The San Francisco 49ers had an average season with a 10-6v record. The first half of the game clearly inclined towards the Cowboys. They led the half 28-7. Just when the hopes were fading away, 49ers managed to cut the lead to 28-14. The game finally settled in favor of the Cowboys with Kosar’s 42-yard touchdown pass. Cowboys 38 – 21 49ers was what the end score read. See also  San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys Rivalry

1994: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

The NFC season of 1994 brought up a championship game of revenge. It was the third straight time that the Cowboys and 49ers were fighting for the NFC Championship title. 49ers were desperate to win against Dallas after losing two straight titles to them. In a start that 49ers very much wanted, Cowboys were 21-0 behind in just 7 minutes of play. Cowboys did make a comeback when they made it 38-28 with 6 and a half minutes remaining. Unfortunately for the team, that was the final score, and 49ers took away the title this time around.

1995: Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys


In the season of 1995, Dallas Cowboys took on Green Bay Packers, the nine-point underdogs as people saw them. Packers weren’t that underdog as they caught several eyes when defeated 49ers in the postseason. The fight was to book a ticket to the Super Bowl 30. Cowboys led the first half 24-17, but Packers picked up and stole a lead of 27-24. Eventually, the game switched its side again in the fourth quarter. Cowboys won the game 38-27.


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