Pre Week 4: Cowboys vs Texans Thursday Night Game Analysis

Week 4: Cowboys-Texans Thursday Night Game
Cowboys-Texans Thursday Night Game

Week 4: Cowboys vs Texans 2017 Thursday Night Game

Cowboys vs Texans both meet in Week 4 Thursday night Game. So, Thursday Night is special for Cowboys and Texans fans. Both teams played their own game with their own strength. Dallas Cowboys compete in the NFL Game from NFC (East). On the other hand, Houston Texans are from AFC (South). Furthermore, Cowboys played their home games at AT&T Stadium. On the Contrary, Texans played their home games at NRG Stadium. Both teams meet for 4 times before tonight’s game. Consequently, Week 4: Cowboys-Texans Thursday Night Game will very effective for the team and the fans. Alongside, the prediction we will try to know some other important info regarding these teams. In NFL, both teams have their individual strength to grab the match on their own side.

Tonight Game Schedule (Time & Venue)

Cowboys vs Texans Tonight 2017

Cowboys Texans Preseason Thursday Night Game placed in NRG Stadium. The stadium is the Texans home stadium. So, they may get a huge support from their own supporters. The Tickets almost sold out for 31st August night game. Fans are so crazy about tonight game.  Moreover, The fanatic fan of NFL shows their reaction in social media. They impulse others to enjoy Cowboys Texans Tonight Game. And it will classify this NFL season. Furthermore, the fans spread the NFL news throughout the world through this social website.

#Watch the Reactions of their fans

Wins & Losses 2016 – 2017 Cowboys NFL

In the history of NFL previous stats of a team is more or less effect on the present stats. Here Cowboys show their strength through their gaming strategy. In 2016  Cowboys wins most of the matches.Furthermore, They win 13 and loses 3 matches. This stats will bring their confidence in this NFL season. Moreover, especially in Week 4  tonight game they will get some extra confidence for winning week 2 and 3. Moreover, most probably 2016 season is one of the most successful seasons in their NFL history.

Texans NFL 2016-2017 Wins – Losses

In 2016 Texans have some glorious achievements in their NFL history. Texans 2016 season is not so rich like Cowboys. Moreover, as they cut a good figure in 2016, the stats will also bring some extra strength in this NFL season. They win 9 and lose 7 matches in 2016 season.


Cowboys vs Texans Thursday Night Game Prediction

Cowboys and Texans both meet again after a long time in this NFL 2017 preseason. They lastly meet with each other in 2014. At that time, Cowboys dominate over Texans and snatch the match from Texans. Moreover, according to the stats of their meeting Cowboys always are in a good position. On the other hand, Texans are slightly in normal position. It may reveal the Texans weak zone in this NFL 2017. In Last Four Match and preseason week, 1,2,3 stats express the Cowboys winning possibility in tonight. Moreover, their previous year’s ranking will add extra privilege for the Cowboys in Thursday Night Game. So, it can be said that Week 4: Cowboys-Texans Thursday Night Game goes 95% winning chances of Dallas Cowboys.

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