Why this Game is The Most Comparative | Cowboys vs. 49ers Match 2016

Why this Game is the Most Comparative | Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers 

This NFL season will see the most awaited clash between Cowboys vs. 49ers Match 2016. Both of these teams have always wanted to show T which is better than the other is. Since the 1970s, these two teams have been rivals and the Cowboys were the winners in the first clash, between the two. Over the years, the two teams have always clashed in the most of the thrilling games of the seasons.

In the coming match, the Dallas boys are seeking to exhibit their best of performances. In addition, the 49ers have additions such
as Kelly Chip, who will present a hard time for the Dallas team. Game formations are also something to look for in this match.

Why this Game is The Most Comparative Cowboys vs. 49ers Match 2016
Why this Game is The Most Comparative Cowboys vs. 49ers Match 2016
Cowboys’ games schedules

The October 2 will be the big day for the CCowboys vs. 49ers Match 2016. From the training camps, both teams seem ready on the3:25CDT game. However, given the c, they are somehow confident the game might be easy for them.This game will determine how they will play the future games:

  1.  5th at 3:25PM against Bengals
  2. 6th at 3:25PM against Packers
  3.  8th at 7:30PM against Eagles
  4. 9th at 12:00PM against Browns
The last five Match results for the Cowboys

The season has been a successful one for the Dallas boys and this might be the reason the team has higher chances of winning. The
latest games against Bears and the Redskins have shown the talent and the great organization that the team has. With a 31-17 defeat
against the iconic Bears, it shows what the team can actually do to an opportunistic opponent.

Although they lost to the Giants Boys, the clash was thrilling and the 20-19 defeat indicates that the match was a tough one. This
is in contrast with the 49ers, which have good game plays but struggle to make goals. However, both teams take advantage of
opportunities and this will make the game more thrilling and interesting.

The expected winner for the day

Both teams complete each other in terms of weak points and strongholds. In addition, both teams will have additions that will add up
to greater performances. However, after reviewing the past few games for each team, the Dallas boys have upper chances of winning.
With the fast pace and creative formations that they showed against Bears and Redskins, the 49ers will have a tough time conceding

Reference Post inquisitr.com : The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers appear to be heading in different directions. Nonetheless, the two will meet up for a duel in Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season

The percentage wins against each other

The teams have clashed for close to fifty times with almost equal winning times for both. However, the Dallas boys come first with

Almost 60% of defeat against the 49ers.

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