Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals at Hall Of Fame 2017

Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals Had to Had Fight at Hall Of Fame

The NFL season is back with a bang as two rival teams take on each trying to outshine the other, for the Dallas Cowboys.  It is payback for the defeat at the start of the last season while for Arizona Cardinals. It is about cementing superiority that began in 2011. If Dallas Cowboys win, the record of not winning against Arizona Cardinals will be broken. And the win could serve as a strong motivator to push through the league. The two teams have met countless times and the tie has been in the number of losses and wins gained against each other. This is bound to be a tricky game indeed.

Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals at Hall Of Fame 2017

Analysis of Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals

The analysis of their running back, wide receivers, offensive liners, defensive liners, and line backs, as well as defensive backs, seems to overlap. Observation of the two makes one realize that while the cardinals are good at running backs, the Dallas are good at wide receivers hence the controversy. Furthermore, looking at particular individuals and how they performed in the previous season gives a sense of knowing what is to be expected in this meeting. Looking at the Arizona Cardinals, the team that played last season has not greatly changed hence the faith in what they have. On the other side, the talented squads displayed in the training and friendly games are a force to reckon with, more so the loss of Campbell was a strong loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s the 2017 schedule:

    • Thursday, Aug. 3: Hall of Fame Game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium (The teams playing have not been announced.)
    • Friday, Aug. 4: Enshrinees’ Gold Jacket Dinner at the Canton Memorial Civic Center to honor the class
    • Saturday, Aug. 5: Enshrinement at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium
    • Sunday, Aug. 6: Concert for Legends at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium (The nationally known recording artist has not been announced.)

Dallas Cowboys 

The Dallas Cowboys are in no doubt a frenzy with the drama that has plagued their squad before even the season starts. Cases like when cops arrested Nolan for drunk driving, Damien Wilson for assault. And David Irving got suspended.  All these acts go a long way in wrecking a team spirit. Any game that involves more than one player on the same side has a characteristic of coordination and failure for sides to understand their partners is tantamount to failure. This makes the timing of the game somewhat unfavorable to the players yet one has to admit that the focus everyone has a place in the coming games is that of winners and not losers.

Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys can be commended for their effort to amend their shortcomings. The good work being done by Prescott. He developed from a rookie to a very valuable player in the last season. More so, he has to be on guard considering there would be no more sneaking around as other teams have already booked him. Also, working on the pass rush which rests heavily on Taco Charlton in coordination with Demarcus Lawrence rebound to be swift.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals 2017 at Hall Of Fame
Arizona Cardinals 2017 at Hall Of Fame

On the other hand, the departure of Campbell was a big blow. He is one of the best NFL ends but one cannot dwell on the past. As reported by coach Bruce, Johnson could go a long way in impressing and performing which is no pressure. But expectations are high for the individual.

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Depending on the understanding of the positions in which these teams are coming into this game, one can afford to be neutral. The conditions are in favor of the Dallas Cowboys. They are more keen to come out victorious considering the record at stake hence the prediction is a 1-0.

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